Brief Questionnaire for Tutees and Families (Card)

Please fill out this brief form so that we'll have a family profile in our management and scheduling system, TeachWorks!

This form requires you to enter a credit or debit card to store in our secure and encrypted system. Please see below for detailed instructions about how monthly bills are handled!

Also, it is totally fine if you prefer to not use a card. In that case, please contact PBA Ventures ( and we'll help you sign up without a card. If you choose to sign up without a card, you will need to make prepayments for tutoring sessions, but that's easy to coordinate too.

We're looking forward to working with you!
Family Information


PAYMENT: Tutors are NOT to be paid directly. PBA Ventures, LLC will send each family a bill at a specified interval, typically at the conclusion of each month. Payment can be accepted via bank transfer, check, credit card, or cash. Payment specifics will be discussed with each family, and payment instructions are included with each bill.

CANCELLATION: Time is a person’s most valuable asset, and late cancellations are hard on tutors for a number of reasons. First, as educators and mentors, we know that consistent time with our students is going to greatly improve their chances to acquire new knowledge and skills, to make the improvements they want and need to make. Second, when we schedule with our students, we’re committing those convenient and specific times to that student, which means we can’t work with any of the other students who need our support during the reserved periods. When a late cancellation comes through, we’re rarely able to recover and reschedule the time with another of our students, and it’s often the case that we’ve adjusted our personal schedules in order to be able to accommodate the schedules of the students who’d requested the time originally!

To be fair to our tutors and counselors, cancellations that occur less than four hours before a session's scheduled start time will be billed in full.

PERFORMANCE: We will always work to treat your family and student(s) with care and compassion, and our goal is to have a positive impact on every person with whom we work. PBA Ventures, LLC makes no guarantees as to specific grade improvements, score improvements, behavioral or social improvements, school admissions, or anything of the sort.

Credit Card Details
Thank you for adding a credit or debit card to our secure payment processing system! Please read below to learn how we'll treat your card; you will still be able to pay your monthly invoice by check, digital payment, or even a different card if you'd like, or you can simply do nothing and we'll run the saved card on the designated date! Adding your card simplifies greatly the end-of-month payment process, and it helps us reduce (and hopefully eliminate!) late payments. So, here's what we'll do each month. To begin, we'll send you a detailed invoice on the 1st each month that details the sessions that occurred during the preceding month and the associated costs. (For example, on March 1 you'll receive a bill for all of February.) You'll have until the invoice due date, the 15th of the month, to pay by whatever means you prefer, including check, Apple Pay, or by credit or debit card; on the 16th of the month we'll run the saved cards for all unpaid invoices, thereby eliminating the problem of late payments that are so hard on small businesses!
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